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Park Bench Fundraising Strategists can give your organization a stronger board, more confident fundraising staff, and proven fundraising strategies that will increase your gifts!


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Comprehensive Guidance For Fundraising Campaigns and Major Projects

We will help your organization have a very smooth and successful campaign. Park Bench Fundraising Strategists can assist with any or all of your campaign elements including:

Feasibility Interviews

CASE Statement

Publicity Creation

Volunteer, Staff, and Board Training

How to Triple Event Donations

Proven Ask Techniques

About Park Bench Fundraising

Who We Are & What We Do


Major Campaigns


Years of Experience


Billion in Funds Raised

Park Bench Fundraising Strategists is a boutique strategy and business consulting company established in Chattanooga, TN in April 2022. The company is based on the belief that the key elements that drive growth, performance and the delivery of value to organizations lies in strategy and analytics.

Whether your project requires an individual strategist or a team of fundraising professionals, Park Bench Fundraising Strategists has assembled a staff of America’s top fundraising experts from across the country. Your organization will not receive a cookie-cut approach but unique, customized deliverables from targeting your own objectives, facilitating your team no matter how diverse, to identifying the strategist(s) for a perfect and most productive fit. Learn more about Park Bench Fundraising

Pre-Campaign Planning & Strategic Actions

Park Bench Fundraising Strategists will help you prepare to launch your campaign. The first step is often the hardest. Let us get you ready to “Go For It!”

Training for

Train you campaign troops to have courage and confidence to make the right ask and move your donors to larger gifts.


Make sure you are ready to start the most productive Campaign. Also, we can test if this is the right goal, right time, and right strategy for a successful campaign.


Our team of highly experienced campaign advisers will hold your hand and guide you through any part of your campaign.

Assistance Cultivating and Asking for Major Gifts

Your campaign will depend on asking many donors for the largest gift your organization has asked them for. Our major gift professionals are nationally recognized for asking for and coaching others how to make major requests.

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What Others Are Saying
"Dr. Johnson is one of our principal consultants and among our most requested coaches. His communication skills and unlimited knowledge of fundraising is at the top of our industry"
Jerold Panas
Jerry Panas
Jerold Panas, Linzy and Partners
Founder, Institute for Charitable Giving
Author of the two best selling books on fundraising, “Mega Gifts” and “Asking”
Park Bench Fundraising Strategists

"Never let the urgent replace the important."

About The Books

James A. Johnson is a renowned author and a respected authority in fundraising and leadership development. With a rich and diverse background, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his written works, benefiting professionals and aspiring leaders alike.

Through his two books, “Learn More, Do More, Become More, Be A Leader” & “Moves Management Fundraising”, James A. Johnson provides readers with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in fundraising and leadership. His works are not only informative but also empowering, making them essential reads for those looking to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.